These are hand-rolled slabs, cut into a tile format, but treated like paintings. I use surface texture and glaze, just as an oil-painter may use paint. Unlike a domestic tile, the surfaces are raised and experimental, placing them much more akin to the discipline of painting as to tile making.

The beauty and interest in this body of work, is not only the defiance to the structural perception of tiles, but to the loose and illustrative nature of sketching. These are considered some of my most accessible work due to them being wall-mounted pieces, rather than them requiring you to allocate them a space on the mantel-piece, or window-ledge, or anywhere high enough the cat can’t reach it.

But this isn’t at all a compromise, for me. These paintings act, to me, as ceramic tapestries—both beautiful is physicality, colour, and weave—whilst also holding importance in narrative, by translating fleeting, day-to-day, observations into unaltering plaques.